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Idaho Recreation Council

Here is some contact info for the Steering Committee: (More to come)

Executive Director | Sandra Mitchell smitchel@alscott.com                                                      

President | Jim Kulm |  jimksr1@gmail.com

Vice President |

Steve Frisbie | Treasurer   Off Road Motorcycles|     sjfrisbie@hotmail.com                               

Kirk Buck |  UTVs |

Dave Galantuomini | ATV | dgalantu@syringa.net

Jeff Schlagel | Business Representative

Sean White | Jet Boating

Dave Koeger  4X4  dave@koeger.com

Mark Woods  Snowmobiles


Wendy Coome | Equestrian

Steve Swan | Aviation

Becky Johnstone | At – large – Secretary

Joyce Barcus | RV

Everett Headrick – Rock Hounds

Mark Jennings – American Land Council

Idaho Recreation Council

PO Box 1317

Eagle, Idaho 83616

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