The Idaho Recreation Council is comprised of Idahoans from all parts of the state with a wide spectrum of recreation interest and love for the future of Idaho and a desire to preserve recreation for future generations of Idahoans. If you believe access is important to your recreation please consider joining a club in your area.

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Executive Director | Sandra Mitchell
President | Jim Kulm
Treasurer – Motorcycles | Mark Jennings / Steve Frisbie
Business Membership | Jeff Schagel
Jet Boating | Shay White
4 X 4  |Todd Wardle
Snowmobiles | Dave Koeger
Equestrian |Wendy Coome
Steve Swan | Aviation
Becky Johnstone | At-large–Secretary
Dave Galantuomini | ATV
Joyce Barcus | RV
Everett Headrick | Rock Hounds
Mark Jennings | American Land Council
Gary Scott | Recreational Mining
Kirk Buck | UTVs


Idaho Recreation Council

PO Box 1317

Eagle, Idaho 83616