2014 Idaho Off-Highway Vehicle Trails Workshop

The National-Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC), in conjunction with the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, US Forest Service Region 1, US Forest Service Region 4, and US Bureau of Land Management Idaho State Office, will conduct an OHV Trails Workshop on May 6-8, 2014. The 3-day workshop will consist of classroom sessions on May 6 in Boise and field sessions on May 7-8 at the Danskin Mountain OHV Area.


When: May 6 – 8, 2014

Where: Holiday Inn Boise Airport
2970 West Elder
Boise, ID 83705


Online Registration Available




There is no registration fee but advance online registration is required. The number of participants is limited, so register early. If you have problems registering, please contact our office at trailhead@nohvcc.org or call us at 800-348-6487.


Attendees must provide their own transportation from the host hotel to the Wednesday and Thursday field workshops at Danskin Mountain OHV Area. Off-highway motorcycles or ATVs will be required to access demonstration sites on the trail. Please bring your OHM or ATV since a limited number of loaners are available. All attendees must bring appropriate personal protective equipment.


Workshop Details


A downloadable copy of the full agenda will be available soon.


The workshop will focus on OHV trail maintenance, rehabilitation, improvement and relocation. Hands-on field training will be emphasized. The intended audience is trail managers; trail construction and maintenance supervisors and crews, engineering staff involved in trail planning, design, maintenance and construction; trail contractors, and trail volunteers.


Classroom sessions:


  • How trail systems function and provide desired experiences
  • Trail Management Objectives – how they apply to trail maintenance
  • Creative trail design and innovative engineering practices
  • Trail maintenance techniques specific to various trail uses and conditions
  • Trail reroutes
  • Maximizing partnerships to leverage limited resources
  • Trail construction/maintenance equipment overview – capabilities and limitations



Field sessions:


  • Trail maintenance equipment demonstrations
  • Trail maintenance techniques exercises
  • Trail construction demonstrations
  • Creative trail design and layout exercises
  • Trail relocation exercises
  • Design considerations for side x side machines


Lodging Information


A block of rooms at government rates has been arranged at two hotels across the street from the host hotel. The block of rooms is available for reservations made by 4/13/14. After that date reservations will be accepted on an available basis only. You must make your own hotel reservations by calling either of the hotels and requesting the “OHV Trails Workshop” rate.


Fairfield Inn                                      Hampton Inn

3300 South Shoshone                         3270 South Shoshone

Boise, ID 83705                                  Boise, ID 83705

208-331-5656                                      208-331-5600

All attendees will need an ATV, 50″ or less ROV (side x side) or OHM (off-highway motorcycle) to access the field workshop sites. Please bring your ATV, ROV or OHM if you have one. We will have a very limited number of loaner machines available on a first-come, first-serve reservation basis. Contact us today if you wish to request a loaner machine. A certificate of completion of an ASI-approved safety course is required if you request a loaner machine.  All trails are limited to a 50″ width regardless of the type of machine (ATV, ROV) you bring.  If your vehicle is greater than 50″, you will need to use a loaner machine.


All attendees must provide their own personal protective equipment (PPE).

H492 is passed headed for Governor’s desk

We have a number of legislators who worked hard for us that need to be thanked.  Please take a few minutes and send them a message.  Tell them you appreciate their help with passing H 492.  Make sure you include your name and address.  One can never say thank you enough!


tgestrin@house.idaho.gov    He carried our bill and never gave up on it!







Recreation.gov reservation system for private powerboaters

Baker City, OR The Recreation.gov reservation system for private powerboaters in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area (HCNRA) will go online this Saturday, March 1, 2014 at 8 a.m. pacific standard time. Following the national direction in the President’s “Recreation One Stop Initiative”, powerboaters will have the opportunity to utilize an online reservation system for the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area (HCNRA) portion of the Snake River. This is the same system that was successfully implemented for float boats in 2009 on the Snake River and for other rivers in Idaho under the 4 Rivers Lottery. This change will not affect commercial powerboaters.


Hells Canyon National Recreation Area District Ranger, Kris Stein states, “I know this will be an adjustment for people but the new reservation system will provide a more efficient and equitable opportunity for private powerboaters to obtain permits for the Snake River. We are providing tools and will be available to help folks through this transition”. Information about the transition and how to use Recreation.gov can be found on the www.Recreation.gov website and on the Wallowa-Whitman website at: www.fs.usda.gov/goto/WWNFPrivatePowerboatReservations


The details of the private powerboat permits, such as number of permits, season of use, etc. will not be changing, only the tool in which to obtain a permit. The online reservation system will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which will allow users to check for cancellations at any time that is convenient for them. The public will also have access to a well-informed call center and HCNRA personnel if they need assistance with the website or do not have access to a computer. The powerboat reservations only apply during the primary season, which is the Friday of Memorial Day weekend through September 10.


Please continue to visit the Forest Service office in Clarkston, WA. The staff will continue to assist with travel plans into the beautiful and unique Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. If you have any questions about the new permit please call Public Affairs Officers Jodi Kramer at 541-523-1246 or Matthew Burks at 541-523-1364.

Valley County Groomer Advisory Committee Sheriff’s Department Donation

Valley County Groomer Advisory Committee

Sheriff’s Department Donation



Valley County Commissioners and Groomer Advisory Board seeks to clarify inaccurate rumors regarding a donation to Sheriff’s Department.


Recently, the Valley County Groomer Advisory Board and the Valley County Commissioners have come under fire for a donation that was made to the Sheriff’s Department.   In June of last year, the Board met at their monthly meeting and discussed the success of Freemont County’s almost 100% compliance with their snowmobile sticker program.  In an effort to replicate this success, Parks and Recreation Director Larry Laxson, investigated their procedures and discussed the program there with Freemont County’s Parks and Recreation Director, Tamra Cikaitoga.


The Freemont County Grooming Program contributes their success to donating 15% of their sticker monies, as allowed by State Ordinance, to law enforcement in that area. 


Valley County has an estimated 20% non-compliance rate which represents approximately $36,000-$40,000 in uncollected revenue.  In an effort to duplicate there success, a motion was made to donate $5,000 to the Sheriff’s Department to assist them in reimbursing the additional costs incurred by their support of the groomer program.   This figure represents less than 3% of the Valley County Grooming Budget in an effort to possibly recover eight times the amount of money lost due to non-compliance.  


Although it was not specified as to the use of the funds, the Groomer Committee strongly supports the purchase of safe and reliable equipment  for the Sheriff’s Department.  In reality the Sheriff’s Department is not required to support the grooming program, and they are essential to it.  In accordance with the Forest Service, they are required to supervise, on sight, the grooming of avalanche areas.  They also assist in Search and Rescue and it is imperative that they have reliable, modern, and up to date equipment.  


Valley County Groomer Advisory Committee Chairman, Ron Platt, stated that “ there are numerous rumors that have circulated and most of them involve the Committee purchasing sleds for the Sheriff’s Department.  That is simply not true; our goal is to simply provide a safe environment for the recreation community in Valley County.”

A National Monument of Which We Can ALL Be Proud.

A National Monument of Which We Can ALL Be Proud.

 The Boulder White Cloud Mountains may soon be designated a National Monument.  How this will impact our access to the Boulder White Clouds and how we recreate within its borders has yet to be determined.  That is entirely dependent on whose voices are heard and represented when drafting guidelines directing how the federal government will manage this land.

 As we were told when the Boulders were proposed for wilderness, the motivation for the monument is protection of the Boulder White Clouds from potential future “developments,” such as large scale mining.  While no imminent danger or possibility of these things happening actually threatens the Boulders under protections already in place, National Monument designation by the President may occur.  In addition to a ban on mining, we’ve also seen and heard suggestions that the National Monument should prohibit motorized and mechanized recreation.  This sentiment unfairly demonizes the thousands of motorized/mechanized recreation enthusiasts who have respectfully and responsibly recreated in the Boulder White Clouds for generations.

 As 4-wheeler’s, snowmobilers, and trail bike riders, we vehemently reject any suggestion that we are villains seeking to destroy the Boulder White Clouds.  To the contrary, we love the land and have as much interest as anyone else in maintaining the pristine beauty of these mountains for generations to come.  We take stewardship of the land very seriously, but believe the Boulder White Clouds have room for all forms of backcountry recreation.

 Generations of Idaho’s hunters, fishers, hikers, campers and yes, motorized recreationists, consider them to be among Idaho’s crown jewels.  If we are to have a monument, as we move forward let’s have open and honest discussion, listen to every point of view, and develop equitable management guidelines that work for everyone while protecting those things that make the Boulders so special.  Let’s have a National Monument of which we can ALL be proud!