Attention Idaho Boat Owners: Changes to Registration Process for Boats Will Impact 2017 Renewals


Date: January 13, 2017

Contact: Jennifer Okerlund, Communications Manager

Phone: 208-514-2254 / 208-841-9198

IDAHO (January 13, 2017) – The U.S. Coast Guard has made changes to the vessel registration process that will impact the registration and renewal process for all vessels and owners in the United States, including Idaho.

The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) recently mailed registration renewals to Idaho Boat Owners.

“Individuals who receive renewal notices in the mail can renew their vessel registration as they typically do,” said Tammy Kolsky, IDPR Reservation and Registration Program Manager. “Boat owners who did not receive renewal notices will instead receive a letter in the next few weeks with additional instruction on what’s needed before their vessel can be registered for 2017 and in compliance with new U.S. Coast Guard regulations.”

What are the changes to the U.S. Coast Guard regulations?

Mandatory verification of your hull identification number (HIN)
New requirements for unique identifiers for all boat owners
What is a unique identifier?

Your driver’s license and date of birth (Idaho residents only) OR
Your tax identification number which can be your social security number OR
Employer identification number OR
An individual tax identification number
“IDPR is in the process of creating and testing an online portal to assist vessel owners with compliance of the new rules and process. Most vessel owners will be able to easily log-in to supply needed information, then be prompted to renew their registration online,” said Kolsky. “The letters that will be sent to vessel owners will include the necessary link to access the portal and instruction.”

IDPR reports that a small number of vessel owners in Idaho will not be able to update their information electronically and will require an official inspection, only available through the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD).

Vessel owners who have not received renewal notices and need their registrations immediately can call the IDPR Registration Program at 1-800-247-6332 or email (link sends e-mail) for assistance.

The Story in Valley County

The Wilks brothers, two Texas billionaires, purchased 172,000 acres of private property in Valley County that was previously owned by Boise Cascade and then Potlatch. That hit the news and the uproar began. The media certainly didn’t help by jumping to many incorrect assumptions! Albert Einstein was right when he said, “Assumptions are made and most assumptions are wrong”.
Here is what is Correct:
• DF Development LLC which is owned by two gentlemen from Texas purchased the property.
• All logging contracts were cancelled. They will be reissued according to the guidelines of the new owners.
• Most public access through their property is done through cost share agreements or easements. The new owners are willing to work with Valley County on any access concerns.
• Representatives of the company are currently having regular conversations with Larry Laxson, Valley County Parks and Recreation about future use of their land.
• This company owns property in Idaho County and according to a County Commissioner there, they are fine landowners and good partners.
• The owners of the property are not experienced with recreation needs but they are more than willing to listen and learn.
• While touring the land before the purchase, they became concerned about over-logging, the size and condition of the elk herds and the amount of GARBAGE in and around the dispersed camping sites.
If we are going to be allowed to continued access to their property beyond what is covered by easements, we are going to have to prove that we can be good neighbors and dependable partners. We will need to demonstrate that they can trust us to use their land in a responsible manner. Remember they are under no legal obligation to allow public access anymore than you have to let people use your property. It is truly a privilege and we must respect their right to determine how their property is used.
A good lesson for all of us. Verify our easements. Make sure they are Easements Appurtenant so they last into perpetuity.

Boise County
Another case of bad information from the media! If you believe everything you hear on TV news, you would think that all grooming has been shut down for this winter near Idaho City because of the Pioneer Fire. That simply isn’t true! No decisions about grooming have been made. The fire will soon be 100% contained. At that time, the Forest Service will be able to tell what needs to be done before grooming can begin. I plan on attending a FS tour of the area at the end of the month and will be able to see firsthand what the problems are and how we can resolve them.
It is hard to find good news when it comes to catastrophic fires but there is some. The District Ranger in Idaho City, Brandt Petersen, is one of the most dedicated fair-minded Rangers with whom I have ever worked. He understands how important the area is to sledders and to the local economy. ISSA will work closely with the Forest Service and IDPR to get as many areas as possible opened.

Sandra Mitchell
Public Land Director
Larry Laxson
Valley County Parks
and Recreation Director

A survey to understand safety issues!

My name is Nick Schlotthauer and I am a graduate student at the University of Idaho. My research team has developed a Pacific Northwest Transportation Survey to better understand safety issues and concerns on rural roads and facilities that accommodate more than one type of transportation such as bikes, pedestrians, ATV’s, snowmachines, and agricultural vehicles.


We are seeking input from these different users on their typical travel behavior and identifying safety concerns when one interacts with others who use different forms of travel.

We expect that the survey will take each participant about 15 to 20 minutes of their time.


Here is where you come in.

In order to obtain results from which effective policy and design decisions can be made, we need to gather a sufficient number of responses.

Would you kindly respond to and share the survey through your contacts list, listservs, and/or social media?


Each participant may enter to win one of twenty $25 Amazon Gift Cards


Here is the link:

Thank you very much in advance for supporting our transportation safety efforts in the State of Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any follow-up questions.


Nick Schlotthauer